Astrid + Jeosianne

Thanks to Instagram stalking Astrid and I became friends. She and her mom took a vacation to Panama in honour of her Mom's 50th birthday and her own 25th birthday. We all celebrated together by taking some fun photos on the beach, in the jungle and on the old streets of Casco Viejo. These two are almost like sisters and oh so cute together!

Erick + Xenia

Panama City, Panama

Erick and Xenia had a whimsical, eclectic night where they celebrated the union of their love in an intimate setting with close friends and family in Panama City. I had the fortune to capture each moment of this special day; from the preparation with their inner circle of friends and family, to the final dance and subsequent party.


Erick y Xenia celebraron una fantastica velada donde celebraron la union de su amor en un escenario intimo con familia y amigos cercanos en la Ciudad de Panama. Tuve la fortuna de capturar cada momento de este dia tan especial; desde los preparativos con su circulo mas cercano de amigos y familia, hasta el baile final y la fiesta posterior.