My name is Leygh (pronounced Lee) and I have been taking photos for over ten years. My work is just as unique as my name. Based in Panama City, Panama, I have worked in fifteen countries (and counting). I love to travel and am always willing to meet you where you are to get the job done.

On my working travels I've been fortunate enough to have many incredible experiences such as shooting photos on a ship navigating through the Panama Canal, capturing a wedding on a beautiful beach in Pattaya, Thailand, documenting the heartache of the poor and hurting on the streets of San Salvador and capturing the personality of a talented musician in Vitoria, Brazil.

Lifestyle photography is all about storytelling. My aim is to capture people in the art of the everyday, documenting real-life events and milestones to tell your story in a way that inspires. On a wedding day, I shoot everything: from getting ready to the last dance, combining natural moments as well as art direction. With humility and confidence, I have shot over one hundred weddings with countless satisfied clients.

Apart from my photography I enjoy graphic design, adventure travel, bicycle touring, electronic music and learning about new cultures. I value my family, close friends and living in community with others. I have a strong believe that we should do what makes us most happy and I aim to enjoy every moment of life to the fullest.